Monday, February 14, 2011

Thoughts on Boys At Tosconova

Upon learning this past weekend Boys At Tosconova is officially off the Derby trail, I was a left a little empty inside.  I'd watched him solidly beaten as the second place finisher to Uncle Mo in the Breeders' Cup Juvenile.  Fully hoping there would be a rematch on the same Churchill Downs track 6 months later at the Kentucky Derby.  That's not to be.  Boys At Tosconova has proven himself as a two year old and belongs on the same track as Uncle Mo, but now we're left to find a suitable challenger to fill a small gap left by ending his Derby campaign.

Injuries are common in Throughbred racing and it's something followers of the sport hate to see.  A rivalry begins to emerge and we attempt to forecast what may happen.  As of now, Boys At Tosconova is sidelined.  Sent to recover from possible injuries not found on x-rays.  His trainer, Rick Dutrow, noticed the horse wasn't "himself".  I'm sure the decision to take Boys off the Derby trail was a difficult one.

So is the case racing fans are left to find a new camp on which to throw support.  Rivalries are great for horse racing.  We thrive on the thrill of a stretch run taking our breath away.  We want the history books to show there's a challenge for the victor.  To be able to claim we saw THAT horse.  For Boys At Tosconova the accention to Derby Day has ended with a whimper, but hopefully after some needed rest we'll see him take to the track and win once more.

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